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Whether being small or large, your business always needs up-to-date market information. With Pulzus Jump, we can find the answer to one or more questions the most rapid.

Ask your target group immediately,

whenever you need ANSWERS

The research is performed within 72 hours. This gives you a market advantage

that only innovative companies have.

Query timeWithin 72 hoursWithin 72 hoursWithin 72 hours
Closed question (10 answer options)112433
"Tree" structure (complex series of questions)--yes
Open question123
Results classified by 4 demographicsyesyesyes
Question creation consultation-number of hours246
Time of use6 months6 months6 months
Full fee (Ft)1 010 0002 170 0003 030 000
Discount from the list price (Ft)50 000143 400225 750
Discounted fee (Ft)960 0002 026 6002 804 250
Query timeWithin 72 hoursWithin 72 hoursWithin 72 hours
Closed question (10 answer options)487296
"Tree" structure (complex series of questions)yesyesyes
Open question468
Results classified by 4 demographicsyesyesyes
Question creation consultation-number of hours81216
Time of use12 months12 months6 months
Full fee (Ft)4 340 0006 510 0008 680 000
Discount from the list price (Ft)373 600690 6001 094 400
Discounted fee (Ft)3 966 4005 819 4007 585 600

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers

A free downloadable research and questioning application that allows us to get to know people’s opinions on current news, entertainment topics or for market research purposes. For our business partners, our community of respondents is important and useful because they are the buyers and consumers of market services and products too, so they can be asked a question related to a bank, a chain of stores or a company operating in any sector. Why is Pulzus a system? Because a social or consumer stratum that is less accessible by the application, such as the elderly, can be reached in the form of automated voice calling (IVR) or even traditional telephone research if needed.

Traditional research data collection is in crisis around the world. It is increasingly difficult to make personal, so-called face-to-face interviews with people. Due to the declining willingness of respondents, telephone interview inquiries are also facing increasing difficulties. Thus, personal data collection has become more expensive, landline telephony is used by older people, and the voice transmission function of mobile telephony is starting to be pushed out of the communication toolbox of young and very young people. Sensing the situation, in 2017 MTM Kft. started the development of the Pulzus research application.

Most of them are part of the adult Hungarian population, people who are characterized by an active interest in current topics in all areas of life. They are characterized by a need to express their opinions on topics that affect their lives. They have a smartphone and mobile internet. They are receptive to both playful, entertaining content and serious questions.

When using active sampling, we perform screenings according to the available socio-demographic data, purchasing habits, value choices, and other data of the panel members. Active sampling is also a control to ensure that only selected individuals, for whom we know the appropriate parameters, can participate in a given sample.

Upon completion of the survey, the final data should be statistically weighted to the national profile of the age population appropriate to the focus of the research. This methodology is consistent with how all research institutes weight data as fine-tuning measures. When using the Pulzus © Research System, weighting is performed based on age, gender, settlement type and education. By performing statistical weighting, our results well reflect the opinions, habits and intentions of the country as a whole, or, depending on the focus of the research, a certain social and consumption stratum.

Virtually any. The topics that can be asked over the phone can be handled by the Pulzus Application, furthermore, the technology allows us to make the questions more colorful, understandable and memorable with pictures and videos.

From a technical point of view, we also use closed and open questions. The answer can be single-choice or multiple-choice. The answers can be ranked. The questioning can be timed, for example, to be linked to an event or even to the broadcast of a TV show. Within a questionnaire, the questioning of each question can be made conditional according to the fulfillment of certain preconditions.

The process of the surveys can usually take a few days from the price offer to the presentation of the results. After the price offer, we discuss the needs and compile the questions, the questionnaire. This is followed by the substantive part, the questioning itself, the data collection. We sum up, statistically process and analyze the appropriate number of responses, and prepare the presentation in pptx format. There have been shorter research in 3 days, but it is topic and demand-dependent.

Because the lead time of the research is fast. We have thousands of active respondents. We help you formulate the questions. We have decades of (telephone) research experience. The presented result is understandable, transparent and usable. Our packages are designed to serve your needs and we are constantly monitoring the market and providing new services to our partners. The price and the quality of our service are in line with each other. We are flexible. Anyone who uses Pulzus once will usually return to us.

Everyone gets a pptx file in which the answers to all the questions are analyzed in several disaggregations (gender, age group, education, type of settlement). Besides, if required, we can provide a sociological analysis that is full of conclusions, so it helps the client in making decisions. If necessary, it is possible to consult online or in person, where we present the results and analyzes.

We work for a bank, a food company, a marketing agency, a multinational service company as well as a pharmaceutical company and an SME. Communicating with consumers is essential in all segments. Marketing strategy, decision preparation, ad optimization and product development are important for everyone – Pulzus helps!

We provide two options.

  • The questions are provided by the company requesting the research, and Pulzus’s research expert examines how compatible each question and its logic are with Pulzus, and discusses any proposed changes. Such negotiations are usually part of the service package.
  • The company requiring the research will only provide a research brief to determine what they want to research and what budget is available for it. Based on these, the Pulzus researcher will prepare the research plan and the questions for a separate fee. Depending on the project, the fee usually ranges from HUF 90,000 to HUF 200,000.